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Bare Wine

Avis de Vin Frais Rouge 2022 | Luc Lapeyre

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Producer Luc and Jean Yves Lapeyre
Appellation Vin de France
Region Languedoc
Country France
Vintage 2022
Varietal(s) Syrah - Cabernet Franc - Grenache
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Luc and Jean Yves Lapeyre are using first press juices that have macerated for only two or three days to retain the fruitiness and suppleness of the cépages.

A nuanced red blend with a wonderful depth of flavour that belies its low ABV rate (only 12%).  Called “Fresh wine call” this wine is made to share and it’s a pure pleasure from start to the end. Great balanced dark summer fruits with a gentle kick of spices, play with a fresh and elegant palate and the finish is very smooth.

It’s an easy, nonchalant and joyful wine with a sole purpose of making one happy!

Best served chilled.


About the Domaine:

Once you have crossed the doorstep, as you put down the coat, put down the watch. Time no longer has a hold. Luc and Jean-Yves lives at the hour of their vines. It is who decides with the complicity of the climate. For a long time they have modeled their biological rhythms on those of plants. No need to struggle, to force, to bend, our will is more useful to observe, listen, breathe and perhaps understand. They invite your senses to come and taste this rhythm of nature: the vine and its perfumes, the wine and its aromas, the history of a grape variety, the attachment to a pretty cabin in its vine setting.

Here you are free to feel the wine, there are no rules, neither for making it nor for tasting it.

Grapes from organic farming, natural yeast and no added sulfites. Unfined and unfiltered wine


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