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Bare Wine

Chiller red 3 pack

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These 3 Reds are strong Bare favourites for Chilling, throw them in the fridge 30 minutes before serving and get the flavour burst and freshness you never knew you needed!

WINE 1 - Smallfry - Starry Starry Night

As our Cinsault plants bear fruit, it is a pleasure to be exploring the potential of this variety to counter the effects of climate change. This is pure unadulterated Cinsault, it is important to me that light palate weight does not mean a simple wine.
Vegan friendly

Colour: Bright pink/red/crimson
Aroma: Cranberries, raspberries with a bit of plum at the back.
Starts juicy then finishes dry, puckering.
Summary: A chance to try the variety by itself in pure form.


WINE 2 - Luc Lapeyre - Les Pieds Rouges - 

This cuvée is the last addition of Luc Lapeyre range. Vinified simply, without addition, as it was produced in France through the centuries. It was the juice of the grapes trampled with the feet (“Les Pieds Rouges means “The reds feet”) that were fermented in barrels: short maceration and fermentation without added sulfur.

The blend of Carignan and Cabernet franc is a great success, for this wine with aromas that invade the palate, with strawberry, blackcurrant and rose.


WINE 3 - Smallfry Pimpernel

A further extension into the fresh young red space from our Joven starting point, Pimpernel takes us where angels fear to tread. Suzi especially wanted to explore a whole bunch fermented reductive style and Trousseau is the perfect vehicle. Just a minimal SO2 add and bottled en casa this is natural wine in anyone’s language. Previously we have used the old vine Trousseau/Bastardo in our Joven blend and I have seen it as dark fruits, Mulberry, Blackberry but in this wine it seems to me more red fruited and rhubarb, nice herbal from the whole bunch and fitting the brief of juicy, smashable, complex and interesting.
Vegan friendly

Colour: Cherry red and murky.
Aroma: Rhubarb, herbal, cranberry, earth.
Light and bright, some nice stalky tannin.
Summary: Banging right now, why waste any time?



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