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Bare Wine

Mas des Agrunelles Discovery 3 pack

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In organic and biodynamic agriculture, winemaking is about finding a balance with the environment and putting back vineyard at the heart of its environment.

The work they put on the soil requires roots to grow deep and natural yeast to be permeated with their environment all year long… “notre façon de travailler marque énormément l’identité du terroir.”

They’re guided by this very philosophy in the cellar with minimal technology and a low intervention process. Thus, the wine can freely develop its strong identity.

They do not use any method or add any product that could result in standardisation of their wines.  

Their plots enjoy a microclimate proper to the geography that gives their wines a rather unusual balance and complexity for the region.

They offer a wide range of wine varieties as each plot has its own and separate vinification.

For this reason and because authenticity is amongst their core values, each plot has its own wine variety, whenever it is possible.


- WINE 1: Barbaste 2020

Medium bodied with notes of green fruit and minimal acidity, the Barbaste 2019 from Mas Des Agrunelles is a white blend of Chardonnay 60% and Roussanne 40%. A Perfect pairing for seafood especially white fish.

-WINE 2: Carmin 2020

This wine draws its name from its colour from Syrah and Cabernet sauvignon plots.

This plot grows on deep ochre clay soils with a north facing exposition, stimulating more maturity. Mas Neuf terroir in Argelliers (where the plot is situated), is made from clay-limestone and bauxite soil.

Wines are rounder and gourmet. Each plot is vinified in a separate vat. Cabernet goes through whole bunch vinification for a dozen of days to promote its body and its fruit.


-WINE 3: L'Indigene 2020

L'Indigene is a blend of Syrah (60%), Grenache (25%) and Carignan (15%). On the nose it is fleshy with notes of ripe dark berries and briar patch. There is a distinct meatiness that makes you think of salami with garrigue herbs and cracked pepper. On the palate, it is full bodied, textured and robust, with solid acidity and smooth tannins. Fruit notes of blackberry, raspberry and black cherry are concentrated and juicy without being over-ripe. The earthy notes from the nose continue and blend with the savoury notes of lavender, rosemary and white pepper.


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