Meet the Maker: Champagne Paul Launois #9

Meet the Maker: Champagne Paul Launois #9

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Julien & Sarah Launois
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Julien and Sarah Launois are passionate winegrowers and design their cuvees from familly vines of Chardonnay Grand Cru grapes planted in Mesnil-sur-Oger in the Cote des Blancs.

From the vine to the bottle, they strive to work as naturally as possible and to respect the environment.

Sarah Launois is an artist, graphic designer and passionate about wine. She thus draws their new identity and creates a brand of Champagne after the name of their son : Paul Launois.


The Land

The couple took over the family estate that was run by Jean Pierre Launois. Jean Pierre has been working the family plots for a long time and marketing his bottles as cooperator-harvester. Julien was determined to change that and produce his own Artisan Champagne, ready to open a new page in the history of the family house with his wife Sarah.

Winemaking Process

In 2013, they acquired a wine building in the heart of mesnil-sur-Oger. They carried out the renovation themselves and finally did their first harvest in 2015.

The vinification is done in stainless vats and barrels then experimented,assembled and tasted.

On the innovative note, 2016 Julien has a revelation : make unique wine for unique people and decided to offer the public to come with him in the cellar and craft their own Champagne by choosing the base juice, the ageing method and the dosage quantity.

The Champagne Paul Launois is a love story between a husband and wife, a love story for wine and art and a love of a son and family.

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