Meet the Maker: Chateau Barouillet #2

Meet the Maker: Chateau Barouillet #2

Wine Maker

Alexis Vincent
South West
Red Varietals
Merlot | Cabernet Franc | Cabernet Sauvignon | Malbec
White Varietals
Muscadelle | Ondenc | Semillon | Chardonnay | Sauvignon Blanc | Sauvignon Gris | Chenin Blanc


Château du Barouillet is located at Pomport, Dordogne, just 50 km inland from Saint Emilion. Made up of 45 hectares, the vineyard has been owned by the family for eight generations.

It is currently run by three generations of winemakers with Yves Alexis “Milou” (grandfather), Gérard Alexis (father) and Vincent Alexis (son), who all continue the desire to work the land as naturally as possible.


The Land

Since 2010, they have progressively converted all the vineyard to organic, receiving the certification in 2014. They do not use weed killer or chemicals and instead use organic techniques, which maintain the ecosystem and improves the quality of the soil. They adapt the way they work each year, according to the climate and conditions of the vines to make the most of each vintage. They push the biological approach a little further by also working according to the lunar calendar, both in the vineyard and in the cellar.


Winemaking Process

At Chateau Barouillet , they make the wine the same way they work in the vines: respecting the raw materials (grapes and wine).


The wine is kept as natural as possible, with additives limited and each wine carefully tended to according on the vintage and variety of grape, before being aged in stainless steel, concrete or aged oak barrels. As S02 is the only additive used (homeopathically), the winery is kept impeccably, ensuring a high level of hygiene is maintained. It’s risky not to use selected yeasts in the winemaking process, but it’s also proof of the originality of the land and initial characteristics that means the wine region remains identifiable through the wine. The wines are not generally filtered and, like the vines, are adapted to best suit their vintage, soil, topography, and climate.


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