Meet the Maker: Domaine Selene #3

Meet the Maker: Domaine Selene #3

Wine Maker

Sylvere Trichard
Red Varietals
White Varietals


After learning his craft at Jean-Claude Lapalu in Beaujolais and at Dominique Belluard in Savoie, Sylvère Trichard took over the family vineyard in 2012. Sylvère’s philosophy is to eat well, drink well, respect nature and work with a positive attitude.


The Land

The estate began with an existing 4 hectares of vines in the heart of Beaujolais, in Blace, already transitioning to biodynamics before Sylvère took over from his uncle. Sylvère pursued this approach to make his first vintage with no additives in 2013. Today the estate is about ten hectares in size.


Winemaking Process

“Do not try to do in the cellar what you do not do in the vineyard.” All Trichard’s work is based on this sentence, with small yields, organic farming and beautiful grapes. The winemaking is undertaken with ​​no yeast or added sulphites, the ageing is done without sulphites either. The goal is to obtain more digestible, light and lively wines. All his work is done to respect the environment, as well as the consumer. With this approach, Trichard feels more like a wine craftsman (or artisan of the wine) than a farmer.


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