Meet the Maker: Milan Nestarec #7

Meet the Maker: Milan Nestarec #7

Wine Maker

Milan Nestarec
Czech Republic
Red Varietals
Pinot Noir, Blaufrankisch, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc
White Varietals
Neuburger, Sauvignon, Riesling, Gruner Veltliner, Dornfelder, Muller Thurgau


“Low viscosity, absent minerality, zero bullshit. No fining or filtration, no gimmicks, no magic powders, no added sulfur. Just a bunch of tanks and old barrels, grape juice, and time.”



Milan have been born into a winemaking family in a winemaking village. To a dad with long-time experience from working in a German vine nursery. This “German period” served as an incredible source of know-how, vines and sometimes even second-hand equipment once they’ve started to put together their own family vineyards – both restituted and newly bought plots where he worked since he was a kid.The older he get, the more he speak about his wine as being normal. Not authentic, natural, artisanal, idk. Not using herbicides & other industrial treatments? Normal. No fooling around in the cellar? Normal. Not adding sulfur? Normal.


The Land

Established 15km from the Austrian border and comprises about 10ha, all of which are farmed organically without the use of systemic fungicides and herbicides.

All  vineyards are herbicide / pesticide / industrial fertiliser / systemic treatment free.

“I simply grow vines in the normal way, with no other labels needed. And I see the same thing happening with the winemakers who inspire me. The name on the bottle – a name that you know is trustworthy – is IMO the most important seal of approval. Way more reliable than all the tags and hashtags.”

They do use some biodynamic practices, but tbh they don’t like how it’s become a bit of a marketing gimmick. They only use things that we understand, things Milan consider important, and things that react to what’s happening in the vineyard at the given moment.

“So this is it, my land of freedom. Playgrounds. Stories. Sometimes tabula rasa, sometimes historically conditioned and laid out. I won’t tell you about the spacing, plantation density and other technicalities. What matters is my relationship with these places and what makes them produce wines that exceed the… well, normal.”


Winemaking Process

He believes that gentle methods of growing grapevines and grape processing give the best result. All wines in the cellar are fermented spontaneously and they are usually vinified in oak and acacia barrels.

The wines are a pure expression of the grapes typically grown in the Moravia region of the Czech Republic.  They are ethereal and filled with passion, enthusiasm, and intuition while being a true and transparent representation of the terroir and the philosophies of Milan and his family farm.

Wines from the cellar express good and also the bad character of the people who created them, they are not easy coming, nor waiting for compliments or untruth praise. In the beginning, the wines keep to themselves, but once they feel comfortable they open up and show their loyalty.


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