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Apicula 2012 (50cl) | Barouillet

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Producer Barouillet
Appellation Vin de France
Region South West
Country France
Vintage 2012
Varietal(s) Sémillon - Muscadelle - Sauvignon Blanc

From the domain's older vines, aged for 18 months. Profoundly deep and unctuous, aromatic and honeyed: toasted nuts and fleshy stone fruits. Despite it’s depth, the wine manages to stay fresh and balanced.

Its color is amber, even copper. On the nose, its oxidative aging is marked by notes of prunes, an aromatic palette then develops ranging from chestnut honey to candied orange through menthol, apricot, peach... The mouth is silky and the attack surprises with its material and consistency. We then find these aromas of prunes which evolve towards roasted notes of the cocoa type. The palate is fresh and balanced despite its 200 grams of residual sugar. We find the aromas of the nose such as candied fruit, citrus fruits, honey, then toast, to finish with aromas of chocolate. The length in the mouth is remarkable. 

Apicula is a test, a crazy idea. It comes from the last sorting of the 2012 harvest on century-old vines. Long pressing (cycles of 3 hours) allowing the extraction of the best juices. The must is then lightly decanted cold. Then begins the fermentation, carried out only thanks to the yeasts naturally present on our grapes (indigenous yeasts) guarantee of typicality and authenticity. The fermentation of sweet wines is a long and difficult stage due to the high concentration of sugar in the musts. We chose to put this batch in barrel to see what it might become. We had the intimate conviction that this wine could “manage itself” with a long ageing. After 15 months of fermentation, it naturally stabilized at 11% alcohol and never budged during its three years of ageing. Apicula was raised without sulphur, without topping or stirring. It has not undergone any human intervention during its vinification or aging.

At a temperature of 10-12°C, it can be drunk for the simple pleasure of tasting and discovery. Apicula will marry perfectly with all the classic pairings of a sweet wine, foie gras, Roquefort, dessert but to appreciate it at best, more elaborate dishes will highlight it even better, such as a tarte tatin foie gras and apples. The oxidative side will go wonderfully with truffle-based dishes such as chicken with cream and truffles. Desserts can also be included with a mirabelle plum tart, beggars or a cake made from dried fruits; caramel or coffee.


Grapes from organic farming and natural yeast and low added sulfites. Unfined and small filtration on wine. 


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