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Bare Wine

Bare Essential 6 Pack

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 Don't know what wine to choose? Why not try a whole range!

This is our ever evolving mixed 6 pack of what we feel is representing our mood at this very moment.


WINE 1: BAROUILLET - Splash! 2020

Made from 40-year-old Sémillon vines, this sparkling wine is fresh and crisp, with flavours of citrus. Light, with only 10% alcohol. Notes of lemon, fresh apple and wheat beer. On the palate, it's round, richly textured and bursting with freshness.



The Roi Soleil (the Sun King) by Domaine Des Grandes Esperances is a skin contact Sauvignon Blanc from the Loire Valley (12hrs on skin). Smooth and delicious.

Wine with a superb, golden yellow sheen, hence its name. The Roi Soleil develops very complex exotic fruit, vanilla and acacia notes on the nose. Smooth and delicious on the palate, and blessed with very mineral, vibrant length.


WINE 3 : LUC LAPEYRE - Avis de Vin Frais Rosé 2020

The cinsault and cabernet are from plots specifically cultivated for rosé. As soon as the picking takes place, a single direct pressing retains only the first juices, the latter being reincorporated in the tank for the reds.

Jolly and refreshing, it’s an immediate pleasure !


WINE 4: SMALLFRY - Stella Luna 2020

The Cinsault plantings bear fruit it is a pleasure to be exploring the potential of this variety to counter the effects of climate change. Blending with some lovely whole bunch fermented Shiraz has brought a roundness and darker fruit aspect without diminishing the vibrancy of the wine. There is a buzz around the concept of juiciness or wine that makes you salivate that is so very now and represents the current contribution to the wine lexicon that this wine fully encapsulates.

WINE 5: LAMMIDIA - 65125 Syrah 2020

A short carbonic maceration on a 100% Syrah. The 65125 ( the postal code of Pescara the town where the winery is based ) is fruit driven at first with well balance Syrah spices on the back palate.



Their first "red wine". Like with most of the most wines, they tend to keep it very easy going and smash-able booze. 5 days skins and pressed to seasoned puncheons. Aged for about 6 months before bottling.

- There is a little something something for everyone -


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