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Bergecrac Blanc Magnum 2021 | Barouillet

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Chateau Barouillet

Appellation AOC Bergerac
Region South West
Country France
Vintage 2021
Varietal(s) Sauvignon Blanc, Sauvignon Gris, Semillion, Chenin
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Directly pressed followed by a cold settling with 4 months fermentation using only indigenous yeasts (as for all of Barouillet wines), to preserve the terroir characteristics and originality. Matured in tanks on fine lees for a short breeding in the shelter of the air. The wine is then bottled without filtration.

This wine with an atypical nose is not very marked by the aromas of the Sauvignon. It reveals toasted or even grilled notes and also has floral notes, followed by fruits such as peach and citrus. The mouthfeel has a refreshing vivacity, reminding us of grapefruits and floral aromas such as honeysuckle and wisteria. The Bergerac Blanc Sec is a surprising union between freshness, fullness and aromas.

Grapes from organic farming and natural yeast and low added sulfites. Unfined and unfiltered wine.


About the Domaine:

Château du Barouillet is located at Pomport, Dordogne, just 50 km inland from Saint Emilion. Made up of 45 hectares, the vineyard has been owned by the family for eight generations.

It is currently run by three generations of winemakers with Yves Alexis “Milou” (grandfather), Gérard Alexis (father) and Vincent Alexis (son), who all continue the desire to work the land as naturally as possible.



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