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Camion Cagettes 2021 | Barouillet (Les Gaules de Bois)

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Producer Barouillet (Les Gaules de Bois)
Appellation VDF
Region South West
Country France
Vintage 2021
Varietal(s) Gamay, Grenache and Merlot


We adored the last release we stocked from Les Gaules de Bois, a joint project by Vincent Alexis from Château Barouillet (of Bergecrac fame) and Romuald Cousy, and this is yet another smashing red.

Making just one cuvee each year, for this 2021 edition, they travelled to Beaujolais to pick Gamay, to Minervois for Grenache, and also picked Merlot from Romuald's parcel in Bergerac.

As Vincent likes to joke: 'A real Tour de France!' Each variety had a week's carbonic maceration in stainless steel, before blending and bottling unfined, unfiltered, and with no sulphur.

Camion Cagettes is one to pop in the fridge: crunchy and bright fruited.



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