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Bare Wine

Carmin 2021 | Mas Des Agrunelles

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Producer Mas Des Agrunelles
Appellation Vin de France
Region Languedoc
Country France
Vintage 2021
Varietal(s) Syrah (70%), Cabernet Sauvignon (30%)

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This wine draws its name from its colour from Syrah and Cabernet sauvignon plots.

This plot grows on deep ochre clay soils with a north facing exposition, stimulating more maturity. Mas Neuf terroir in Argelliers (where the plot is situated), is made from clay-limestone and bauxite soil.

Wines are rounder and gourmet. Each plot is vinified in a separate vat. Cabernet goes through whole bunch vinification for a dozen of days to promote its body and its fruit. After 50% destemming of Syrah, grapes are placed in vats for a longer fermentation to reach a smoother structure provided by tannins. Grapes are placed in vats through a belt elevator not to crush berries. It only takes a few hours for fermentation to start in hermetically sealed vats, thanks to natural yeast without adding sulphur.

Wine pumping is performed on a daily basis. Maceration lasts for about a month. Daily tasting helps to pinpoint the exact moment for devatting.

Syrah matures in stainless steel vat while we place cabernet in ovoid Flextanks. Racking is performed in winter without exposing the wine to air. The wine isn’t filtered, nor refined. Bottling day is always set on a fruit day with a waning moon. At this stage, sulphur is added at levels of 2 grams per hectolitre.



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