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Bare Wine

CC 2022| LA BOHÈME (Patrick Bouju)

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Producer Patick Bouju
Appellation VDF
Region Auvergne
Country France
Vintage 2020
Varietal(s) 100% Chardonnay (50% from Auvergne, 50% from Beaujolais)



If only life was always as simple as the recipe for Patrick's CC.
50% of this Chardonnay is harvested in the Auvergne on the Gergovie plateau, where the sticks are planted over basalt, and where the Gauls once stomped around and drew people from cauldrons of potion. The second half of this Chardonnay was harvested in the south of Beaujolais, where the sun shines, life seems to revolve around hard work and the subsequent aperitif, and where Justine and Patrick maintain a beautiful garden.
The part harvested in Auvergne is tank-aged, while the Bojo Blanc is raised a little more royally in casks. Blending is done before bottling.
The last verse of this recipe is, of course, the uncorking of this lively, very drinkable Chardo!



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