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Chenas "Chenapan" 2021 | Domaine de la Cure

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Producer Domaine de la Cure
Appellation Chenas AOC
Region Beaujolais
Country France
Vintage 2021
Varietal(s) Gamay
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The 2021 Domaine de la Cure Chenapan is 10 a pure juice from the Chenas terroir in the heart of the Beaujolais.

Since 2007, Fabrice Le Glatin  produces this superb Chenapan as a natural wine with the love and respect.  No adds or subtractions.

About the Domaine:

Domaine de la Cure is Fabrice le Glatin, a newish Vignernon to the Beaujolais having started in 2018. Farming biodynamically and without any added sulphur, Domaine de la Cure has gained a solid reputation with popular bottlings like his Nouveau called 'Gamine' winning new fans the world over.


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