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Bare Wine

Cicala Méthode Ancestrale 2018 | Azienda Agricola Serragghia (Gabrio Bini)

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Producer Azienda Agricola Serragghia (Gabrio Bini)
Appellation Pantelleria
Region Sicily
Country Italy
Vintage 2018
Varietal(s) Zibibbo



Ok, this is admittedly the Excalibur, hidden within the Ark of the Covenants, buried away under the Holy Grail of natural wine. That, and probably the most expensive Pet'Nat' in the world. But also the most unique and bloody memorable. This Zibibbo comes from a terraced single cru of 0,5 hectares and over 50 years of age on volcanic soils, it ferments wildly and joyously with its skins for 10 days in amphora. After 7 months in amphora it’s rejoined with fresh must which helps to initiate the second fermentation (the bubbles!) and then meditates for 3 years on the fine lees before bottling. Sumerian cedar citrus under ashes, lemongrass and mezcal, passionfruit and smoked cardamom.



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