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Cuvée Éphemère #2 Mourvèdre 2021 | Clément Lavallée

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Producer Clément Lavallée
Appellation VDF
Region Bourgogne
Country France
Vintage 2021
Varietal(s) Mourvèdre

The new Ephemeral Cuvée from Clement Lavallée. This second edition is made with Mourvèdre from Bandol, skilfully crafted in a Burgundian style. This exquisite wine embodies the sun-soaked terroir of Bandol, delivering intense fruit flavors with a touch of maritime essence. Yet, it seamlessly merges with Burgundy's elegance, presenting a refined structure and nuanced complexity. This ephemeral blend offers a unique tasting experience, capturing the essence of two distinct worlds in every glass. 


This new domaine impresses us with an ecologically responsible ethos and mouth watering wines perfect for entertaining.

Young Lavallee farms of 5.5 hectares without relying on chemicals (managaed by Clement and his Sister Caroline).


 Very limited quantities.


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