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Bare Wine

Gentiane 50cl | LA BOHÈME (Patrick Bouju)

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Producer Patick Bouju
Appellation Bitter
Region Auvergne
Country France
Vintage -
Varietal(s) Gentiane


A bitter aperitif, made of a base of the distilled grape marc and lees of the Estate, as well as the usual cuvée Super Blanc which wasn’t in fermentation this year, so Justine and Patrick added local herbs such as gentian, organic citrus from Sardinia to macerate with it. A 99% local blend! Blending of the distilled alcohol, the white wine brewed with herbs, and a bit of sugar to offload the bitterness. A cuvée in collaboration with Harry Lester, chef of the restaurant Le Saint Eutrope in Clermont-Ferrand.


Aromatic aperitif, of course it is herbaceous and fresh, but without any heaviness. Justine said, “a drop in the Festejar wine is delicious!”. Or any other sparkling wine with a few grams of residual sugars… A word to the wise! Limited edition – 50 ml bottle


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