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Bare Wine

Vin de France "Pompette" Rouge 2021 | Clos des Mourres

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Producer Clos des Mourres
Appellation Vin de France
Region Rhône South
Country France
Vintage 2021
Varietal(s) Syrah

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This wine from Clos des Mourres is the very first wine of Ingrid and Jean Philippe, and a super gun > "POMPETTE" !

A blend of Aubun, Counoise, Grenache and Cinsault...

The red version of Pompette descends on its own!

"Pompette": ,mean slight state of drunkenness, on the respectable frontier of this much-promoted "moderation"...

These cuvées "Pompette" are to wine what this slight state of drunkenness is to well-being: a little lightness and ease !

Aubun (an old forgotten Vaucluse grape variety), Counoise, Grenache and Cinsault: a blend more than unlikely here

Ideal for a sunny kiwi barbecue!

About the Domaine:

Ingrid and Jean-Philippe Bouchet consider them self as craftsman winegrowers, because the term ‘craftsman’ implies that we work by hand. They choose to work with the earth in a natural way. They found an answer and solutions from their personal convictions in the biodynamie: getting healthy and living soils, favoring the exchanges between roots and soils thanks to microorganisms . It is, in their opinion, the only way to get the pure expression of the terroir." Their family vineyards have been passed on from father to daughter and from daughter to daughter for four generations."


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