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Vin Jaune 2016 (62cl) | Jérome Arnoux

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Producer Jerome Arnoux
Appellation AOC Arbois Vin Jaune
Region Jura
Country France
Vintage 2016
Varietal(s) Savagnin


Vin jaune from the Jura region of France, is best known for oxidized nutty and toasty flavors and aromas, similar to a dry Fino Sherry. These high-acid wines also offer up notes of curry, spice, citrus and mineral. To create vin jaune, wine from Savagnin grapes; an ancient variety native to northeastern France and southwestern Germany; spends more than six years nearly untouched under a layer of flor (naturally occurring yeast) inside a cask (a process similar to sherry production, but Vin Jaune is not fortified). True to its name, 'vin jaune', which translates to 'yellow wine', can show in the glass as bright yellow or golden in color.

Vin Jaune combines very well with spicy food, mature and hard cheese, poultry and mushrooms.



Born and raised in Montigny – les – Arsures, the first village to grow grapes in the region and famous for the Trousseau grape, Jerome Arnoux came into contact with wine production at an early age. As a self-taught seventeen year old, he began working with various wine farmers around Arbois and so at a young age, already had invaluable knowledge of Jura’s various soils, grape varieties and expressions.


After 20 years of work in the industry, of which a decade was spent at Domaine Tissot, in 2012, Jerome became co-owner and responsible winemaker in Arbois’s oldest cellar: Le Cellier des Tiercelines, a company created in 1997 by Benedicte et Stephane Tissot.


The Land

Today, Jerome’s wines generally come from the fruit produced in 15 hectares of vineyards of Villette les Arbois, Montigny les Arsures and Pupillin. The vineyard is managed according to sustainable principles without any use of pesticides and with very strict harvest guidelines.


Winemaking Process

Jerome is true wine farmer of the Jura and makes virtually all different styles of wine that characterise the region. Regardless of the wine style, the recipe is always natural yeast and gentle sulfur with resilient and vibrant wines as the result.

Grapes from responsible farming and natural yeast. Unfined and light filtration wine.



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